I started thinking about setting up this blog up on our cycling trip south from Alaska when everyone we met kept asking us if we had a blog. This brought the realisation that we were incredibly uncool tour cyclists. Not only did we not have business cards with our blog address that we could hand out, we didn't even have a blog. In fact I didn't really even understand what a blog was - I had to look this up during our couch time (a two week break from our cycling trip) at a friends house in Vancouver (Did you know that blog is short for `web log` interesting huh).

So here we are... a web log (or 'blog' if you want to sound really cool). Hopefully it will let us keep in better contact with family and friends (well at least my mum, who may be the only person that reads it)... and hopefully it will help us form new friends as well (we need some new ones)

Initially I will be writing journal entries (back-dated) about the three months of travelling that we have already completed, but hopefully once it is up to date I will start blogging more regularly....

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