Our Trip

I love travel in all forms, and having discovered cycle-touring a few years ago and realising that it is the best way to see the world, I set my sights on a trip from Alaska down to South America. There was only one problem with this plan, my less than enthusiastic partner, Jules.

Jules also loves to travel but in her world watching a baseball game, drinking beer and getting a good feed are the cornerstones to travelling. I wasn't sure if I could convince her that this should be traded in for spending 6 hours a day on a bike seat, camping in the rain and eating two-minute noodles over a campstove , but somehow she agreed to trial a bike tour from Vancouver to San Diego (I think she was drunk at the time). I also think my trade-off for this was that I was supposed to start enjoying baseball... luckily i have learnt the art of sleeping with my eyes open which gets me through many a game.

Once Jules had agreed to doing the Pacific Coast ride I started working on my next plan... get her drunk enough and then get her to agree to extend the trip to start in Alaska. This cunning plan was executed during the Ice Hockey season in Vancouver and some excitable nights down the local . Next thing she knows I have her committed to the “compromise plan”.. a trip from Alaska down to Central America (and hopefully over a few Coronas in Mexico I may be able to extend the trip even further..)


Check out our route below (just be patient it takes a little while for the route lines to load). 
-Blue line is our cycle route
-Green are the ferries we have taken
-Pink is for when we were soft and got a lift through the BC bushfire and beyond :)

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